Construction method

Exterior wall double waterproofing method

Red brick masonry for exterior finishing material is highly preferred for its excellent chemical resistance and texture, but cracks and whitening occurs a lot over time due to freezing and thawing. The exterior wall double waterproofing method is a coating method that improves waterproofness, chemical resistance and durability by supplementing the shortcomings of the existing water-repellent method, and improves the appearance beautifully

- Characteristic -

  • 01

    Improved exterior wall waterproofing performance and stain resistance
  • 02

    High-viscosity coating improves durability
  • 03

    Excellent response to cracks with strong tensile force
  • 04

    Minimize damage to surrounding environment with low-noise method
  • 05

    Eco-friendly non-toxic
  • 06

    No color change due to UV rays
  • 07

    Various colors available 
  • 08


- Waterproof layer composition -


Before construction

After construction